Convert png to editable excel spreadsheet by using this png to excel converter. Our tool uses OCR technology to extract data from images and store it into Excel sheets to enhance productivity and accuracy.

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How to Convert PNG to Excel Online?


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Upload or drag files into this png to excel converter.


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After uploading, click on “Convert” button and let this tool start conversion.


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Why Choose Our PNG to Excel Converter?

Explore these features that stands out this converter apart from its competitors:

Quick Conversion Convert png to excel within a matter of seconds by using our online converter. Just upload images, click "convert”, wait and download the converted Excel spreadsheet.
100% Free With this online converter, convert png to excel for free, without the need for any additional registration process or payment to perform the conversion.
Accurate Results This tool is integrated with complete OCR technology that allows you to convert png to Excel with full precision.
Batch Conversion With support for batch conversion, this online tool allows you to convert multiple PNG images into Excel files simultaneously, saving your time and effort from converting files one by one.
Secured to use Your files are safe and protected at, ensuring that none of the uploaded or converted files are shared or accessed by any third party.
Access from Anywhere With this online converter turn png into excel anywhere, on any platform, just connect to a stable internet connection and start converting.
Compatible with All You can access this tool from anywhere, regardless of the device or operating system you are using. Just make sure that you are connected to a stable internet connection while using it.

Peoples Also Ask

Why convert png into excel?

Converting png images into excel format comes handy when the user has images with tabular information or want to convert their manual data into digital excel spreadsheet for easy sharing, editing or analyzing. With this conversion users can make multiple calculations or analyze the data packed within converted MS Excel spreadsheets according to their preferences.

Can I convert PNG files with tables or structured data into Excel?

Yes, our png to excel converter can convert PNG files containing tables, charts, and structured data into the Excel format.

Can I convert a large PNG file size on this converter?

You can upload png images up to 10 MB either individually or in bulk. This flexibility allows for efficient processing of larger files while maintaining conversion accuracy and speed.

Do I need to install any Software for this converter?

No additional software needed to download or install to access this converter, just open any of your device pre-installed web browser and search for our png to excel online converter.

Can I also upload files using cloud storage?

Yes, you can upload png images using popular cloud storage services such as Google Drive or Dropbox making the conversion process even easier.

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